Program Description

The Winchester Non-Profit Solar Consortium (the "WNPSC") seeks to bring the benefits of Community Solar to non-profit organizations in Winchester, Massachusetts. In this way, organizations like houses... Read More

Winchester/Woburn Non-Profit Solar
Winchester, MA
500 kW

Program By The Numbers


Total Projects

500 kW

Aggregate Project Size


Total Project Investment

Financial Benefits

0.22 $/kWh

Average Solar Credit Value

0.19 $/kWh

Average Solar Credit Cost


Average Savings


Total Solar Credits Produced


Total Paid for Solar Credits


Total Community Solar Savings

Environmental Benefits

Program Champions

Susan McPhee of Winchester, MA

Susan is the Energy Coordinator for the Town of Winchester. Participating in the Solarize Mass pilot in 2011 and the Solar Challenge in 2008 were Susan's introductions to Solar PV in Winchester. Helping Winchester's cherished non-profits gain access... read more.

1 Who is eligible?

Any non-profit organization in Winchester, Massachusetts.

2 Do the participating non-profits have to install solar panels on their roofs?

No. Village Power and its partners finance, build, and maintain the projects for the Winchester Non-Profit Solar Consortium in remote locations. Solar credits from these projects will appear directly on the participating organization’s electric bills.

3 What does it cost to participate?

Nothing. There is no cost to participate. Once your solar project goes live, you pay only for the discounted credits you receive.

4 How will the non-profit’s utility bills change?

The net metering credits from a WNPSC community project will appear directly on the organization’s existing utility bill, reducing its electricity costs.

5 How much can participating organizations save?

Starting savings range from 10 - 15%, and can grow over time.

6 How long will savings last?

Savings are guaranteed for as long as a participating organization remains enrolled in the WNPSC.

7 Does this change the non-profit’s relationship with Eversource?

No. The program is endorsed and sanctioned by Eversource, which will continue to deliver electricity, and will also continue to service all equipment and resolve any power outages.

8 Can organizations which buy electricity from a competitive (third party) supplier participate?

Yes. Solar is available for customers who receive electricity from a competitive supplier. The solar credits that appear the bill through the WNPSC can offset all electric bill costs, including third party supply costs.

9 Does the organization have to notify Eversource?

No. Village Power will handle all communication with the utility.

10 How is Village Power able to offer greater savings than other community solar providers?

Because much of the investment in Village Power projects comes from the communities we serve, our “cost of capital” is generally lower than our competitors. A lower cost of capital allows us to pass along greater savings to our customers.

11 Can I invest in the WNPSC?

Absolutely! Just click on any one of the projects that appear in the projects tab on this page. On the project page, you can read more about the specific project and pledge to invest.

12 How do I get started?

Just click on the “Be a Green Consumer” button at the top of this page and fill out the form online. Someone from our team will be in touch within 24 hours. Still have questions? Click the Help button on the top right of this page.

We Identify Hosts

We find "Solar Hosts" with a good site (roof, parking lot, land, etc) for solar. Interested Hosts can sign up here . We finance and build a solar system, and the electricity is fed into the grid, producing credits. Hosts can receive long-term lease payments for use of their space.


We Attract Investors

Want to invest in a Community Solar system serving your community? The Village Power Platform allows local investors to participate, keeping the economic benefits of a solar project right where they should be: in the community.
Interested? Start here.


We Enroll "Green Consumers"

Don't have a good roof for solar? You're not alone! Become a "Green Consumer" and enjoy the benefits of solar with nothing on your roof. Green Consumers lock in long-term savings of 10% or more. It's incredibly easy to sign up and save, and if you have an electric bill, you qualify.


We Put It All Together

We connect Hosts, Green Consumers and Investors through the Village Power Platform in the ultimate Win-Win-Win-Win scenario. Hosts and Investors make money, Green Consumers save money, and more clean energy is created.