Bob Parkins

Folsom, CA

Bob Parkins has more than 35 years of experience in the engineering field, with extensive experience in building design and construction project management as well as renewable energy technology, with special emphasis on solar electric energy. He currently operates a solar energy consulting firm, Bob Parkins Renewable Energy Consultants. Typical solar consulting services include initial technical feasibility studies, design development, design reviews, procurement package development, proposal evaluations, negotiations, installation monitoring, forensic investigations, market surveys of new solar products and companies, new technology evaluations, and the development of large scale solar generating facilities. Clients include numerous government agencies and municipalities, private corporations, other consulting firms including market research companies, and private parties. He has performed work throughout the United States as well as in Chile, Guatemala, southern Africa, India, Japan, the Philippines, and Australia. Mr. Parkins has taught solar energy workshops throughout the U.S. and Hawaii and has organized three Beta Test Sites to evaluate solar energy technology products. He also served on the Board of Directors of three solar and renewable energy non-profits, two of which are international in scope.


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