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Click the Browse Projects button.



 If you are signed in as an accredited investor, you will be directed to full project pages that include project financials, contracts, and other diligence material. If you are not an accredited investor, you will be directed to a preview of the project page which contains high-level information about the project. If you are interested in investing, you can request an invitation to the project. When the invitation is approved by the champions of the project, you will have access to the full project page. Alternatively, you can register as an accredited investor.

NOTE: Both accredited and unaccredited investors can invest in Village Power Finance projects. However, the relevant SEC rules limit the number of unaccredited investors to thirty-five and applies a higher level of protection against fraud to this class of investors. To insure full compliance, Village Power manages the pool of unaccredited investors by requiring that they be invited to the Project.



When you are in the full project page and decide to invest, you can click the "Pledge to Invest" button and specify the amount that you want to invest.



You may fund your pledge at anytime, following the instructions on the Subscription Agreement. However, you must fund upon receiving notice from Village Power that the full pledge amount has been reached.



You will be able to track your investment, as well as the real-time performance of the Project by logging onto the Village Power platform.


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