How it Works
Village Power provides the online tools, service, and personal support to help anyone get a solar project built for their community organization. Projects are financed in part with local capital, so everyone in the community profits. Here’s how we do it.
Community Member Creates a Project
Imagine solar on your community organization? Make it happen!
From members of faith communities, to students and parents in schools, to residents in homeowner associations, there are people who are passionate about clean, renewable energy in every community. We call them “Solar Champions,” and we created Village Power to support them in bringing solar to their community organizations.
Project Promotion and Investment Pledging
We help spread the word and attract investors to the project
A dedicated project portal on our website explains the project in detail, demonstrates how the community will profit, and provides information and tools to explain how community financing works and answer questions. Champions can share this information with community members, drum up support for the project, and attract investors.
Funds Collected and Project Constructed
When the funding goal is reached, we collect the money and get the project built
With the project paid for, the community’s work is done, and Village Power handles the rest. We manage all fund transfers with our banking partner, Wells Fargo, work with the best local solar installers to build the project, and set up the legal and accounting framework to manage the project once it’s built.
Community Wins!
Through lower energy bills, community organizations free up valuable resources to serve their core mission.
Investors Win!
They earn a safe, steady, return in a green asset.
Environment Wins!
With each completed project, we get a little closer to a clean energy future and a healthier environment.