Corporate Program

Sustainable Communities Investment Program (SCIP)

Partner with your employees to build community, promote green energy and reap financial and marketing benefits
• Empower employees to start community-based renewable projects using Village Power Finance (VPF) platform
• Corporate commitment to make minority investment in employee-initiated projects 

Program Outcomes
• Steady, long-term returns on safe investment with positive impact on communities

• Create long-term (10 to 20 years) economical marketing opportunities with high-value targets (e.g. High net worth individuals and significant community institutions, including houses of worship, schools and non-profits)

• Extend the reach and impact of corporation’s sustainability initiatives
• Enhance employee satisfaction and burnish corporate brand
How it Works
• VPF creates a corporate-branded portal that educates employees on how they can initiate renewable energy projects in their communities
• A summary of the Project – and investment opportunity – is posted on the portal

• Village Power supports those employees interested in starting Projects at their community organizations
• Corporation has the option to pledge to make minority investments, contingent upon  community funding the difference
• Assuming full funding, Project is put out to bid and built
• Village Power manages asset for lifetime and distributes yearly dividends to corporation and community investors
Standard Process Timeline
Outset  Review program with VPF team, create joint Project Plan Execute Letter of Intent
Week 3 Create corporate-branded portal; employee education
Weeks 4-10  VPF supports employee/champions in initiating and developing Projects
Week 10  First Projects posted
Years 1-20  Corporation and community investors receive annual payments and real time visibility into Project performance

You want to learn more about the SCIP program? Please write to us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours, or call us at (855) 786-4376