Community Organizations

Are you a house of worship, school, university or a non-profit organization looking for funding your green energy project?

Village Power helps communities of all stripes (including houses of worship, schools, homeowner associations, clubs and non-profits) to finance, install and operate solar and renewable energy solutions.

You can count on Village Power to provide the following services:

 • Aid in selection of equipment and contractor, if needed.

• Produce analysis of Project economics, including rate of return, anticipated savings
and system performance

• Creation of Project Limited Liability Corporation (Project LLC) and investment

• Create electricity purchase agreement between community and Project LLC

• Provide collateral and online support for fundraising

• Aggregate investments from community members into Wells Fargo account.

• Identify investors from outside the community if needed to close any funding gap

• Manage the Project over its lifetime, including handling warranty claims, collecting
electricity payments, distributing yearly payments to investors, issuing tax forms
and overseeing Project operations and maintenance.

• Provide investors and community with complete and timely transparency into all
aspects of Project performance.


Village Power vs. Other Renewable Energy Financing Programs


Are you ready to start? Follow the steps below:


Click the Create Project button.



Enter information about the building(s), the community organization and its electricity needs. Follow easy prompts to tell you how (It takes less than a minute).



Once the form is completed, we will review the data and use our financial modeling tools to determine the viability of the project.



We will let you know if the project is approved – within 24 hours -. If so, we will create a project page for you, and then you can use your Village Power account to access to a range of tools to make it easy for you to manage and track the progress of the project.


When you decide that the project page is ready, you can either set it to private mode so only investors from the local community that you invite can see it. Or, you can choose to set it to public so other Village Power investors can see it and invest.


Got it? Start Now! 

Need help? Please write to us at or call us at (855) 786-4376