Solar Energy On Demand With No Solar Panels On Your Roof

October 12, 2015   |   Alaeddine Mokri

Traditionally, to put solar panels on your roof, you have to own the roof. Needless to say, if you own the roof, it needs to be well suited for solar panels (not very old, little shading, etc). Not anymore!

At Village Power, we believe that low cost clean energy is everyone’s right, and roof suitability and home ownership should not stand in the way. This is why we are building Community Solar programs across the country.

What is it?

Community Solar means that you tell us how much solar energy you want (20% of your monthly consumption? 50%? 100%?), we crowdfinance the solar panels, put them on a remote land or roof, and as the system generates power, we send it to your home. This means that you can consume clean low cost energy without having to install solar panels on your roof.

How it works?

You can simply tell us how much of your electricity bill you want it to come from solar and we do the rest: we will work together with your electric utility to make sure you get that percentage of your bill from solar. All the rest will be done in the background.

Uber for Electricity?

Exactly! If you are passionate about clean energy, you can actually create your own Community Solar program (you become a Program Champion). You can setup a Community Solar program page at, invite your neighbours, friends and family to enroll, and then we will help you find a good site (land or roofs) to put the solar panels. Your program will be available for investors in the Village Power platform to crowd finance it.

If you are interested, reach out to and we will connect you to people (power consumers and program champions) who are doing this already on the Village Power platform. You’ll hear a lot of exciting stuff.

And we launched …

Compelling? We have launched three of these initiatives in Brookline, Massachusetts , Winchester, Massachusetts and Northern California.

If you are interested in becoming part of the future and joining one of these programs or you want to create one, you can ping us at

Rock on,

The Village Power Team

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