The Day We Made All Our Software Tools Available for FREE

October 08, 2015   |   Alaeddine Mokri

In the midst of the software monetization era, we went with a bold decision: not charging for any of the software on the Village Power platform (and by free we mean 100% FREE). In this piece, we want to share with you why it is important that we do that:

1- Empowering the passionate 

Our belief is that there are many passionate people out there who want to help build a clean energy future but maybe do not have the resources. Not anymore. We are making all these powerful software free to everyone so they can design a system, generate documents for it, crowd finance it and manage it throughout its lifetime, and they are not charge a single penny for it.

2- Free software = lower energy prices = better returns

We believe that democratizing access to energy means that clean energy should be affordable to everyone. If you look at the cost of energy, currently, around half of it is soft costs: these includes all the design expenses, paperwork expenses, consultancy expenses, etc. By making software available for free, projects will have lower soft costs, and therefore, lower energy prices for the power customers and higher returns to investors.

3- Deal did not work? No problem!

We believe that many people rightfully worry about the financial viability of a clean energy project. There is no risk in pursuing it when all the resources are made free. The system can de designed and a financial analysis run and documents generated at $0. This is probably the least risky clean energy development process we have seen.

Even more important, we want clean energy professionals and enthusiasts alike to stay curious and try make deals happen. Deal did not work? No problem, off to the next one.

Fascinating? Please keep your credit card at home and come change the world with our free software tools:

Rock on,

The Village Power Team

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