Our Mission

Village Power Finance catalyzes and facilitates the investment of community capital into solar/renewable energy projects for community organizations.

What We BelieveWe believe we have an obligation to address the looming climate crisis by supporting the broader adoption of renewable energy. We’re excited to be witnessing history in the making, as the price of renewables begins to fall below the cost of energy from conventional hydrocarbon sources. Solar and other clean energy solutions make sense today, and we're proud to be part of this transition to a greener global economy.

Why We Do It Financing options for renewable energy projects, and particularly solar, are not keeping up with rapidly growing demand. The “tax equity” that drives financing for solar in the US typically comes from big corporations, who usually direct that capital towards large projects with investment grade credit organizations. And yet community organizations—houses of worship, schools, clubs and condo associations—often have strong member support to transition to clean, low-cost solar energy. That’s why we created Village Power Finance: to give community organizations the ability to control their own energy and economic futures and to give voice to the strong desire we hear from the members of those organizations all over the country who want to move toward a cleaner, renewable energy future.