Our Advisors

Randy Ramusack, Advisor

Randy Ramusack, currently TEDMED’s Managing Director for Statetgic Partnerships, has deep expertise in the area of international humanitarianism and social innovation. He served for many years a Microsoft’s policy and partnership representative to the United Nations, World Bank and International Red Cross.  Randy also is a partner at Yoxi, where he helps identify, develop and empower the next generation of social entrepreneurs. He also is a partner at GATE Global Impact, a firm dedicated to serving the needs of impact investors.

Randy advises on financing issues, including the identification of appropriate sources of capital.

Lynn Mickleburgh, Advisor

Lynn Mickleburgh is a highly accomplished, self-motivated business transformation leader with extensive experience in operations, finance and strategy. Following her service at Apple, Lynn held several leadership positions at Adobe Systems, including Senior Director of Business Transformation. Lynn is currently the VP of Finance Systems & Transformation at Citrix.

Lynn offers advice on business process design, web platforms and online markets.
Ryan J. Orr, Advisor

Ryan J. Orr teaches Global Project Finance and Infrastructure Investment in the Engineering School and Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Ryan launched Zanbato, Inc. in 2010 and has served as its full-time, salaried Chairman since 2012. Zanbato is developing the world's first alternative trading system for infrastructure, energy, and natural resources investments.

Ryan contributes expertise in project financing, SEC regulations, infrastructure finance and web markets.
Todd Thorner, Advisor

Todd Thorner is a senior energy executive, entrepreneur, and angel investor focused on the renewable energy sector. Todd specializes in the development, contracting, financing, and operations of renewable energy power and has played a key role in identifying and bringing to commercial operation more than $350 million in renewable power plants. Todd is currently the CEO at JTN Energy.

Todd provides guidance on capital formation and corporate development.
David Simpson, Advisor

David is a pioneer in the renewable energy industry. In 1990, he co-founded Environmental Futures, Inc., a consulting firm focused early stage clean tech companies. David also served as business and regulatory counsel to solar, wind and energy efficiency companies. Most recently, David co-founded and was President of PointAcross. David began his career as an investigative reporter in New Orleans, LA. David received his BA from Williams College, an MA from University College, Oxford and a JD from Golden Gate University.